"Point Lobos, California", Image ID: theb0011, Historic C&GS Collection, Photo Date: 1967, Credit: Captain Albert E. Theberge, NOAA Corps (ret.), URL: http://www.photolib.noaa.gov/historic/c&gs/theb0011.htm, Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library (http://www.lib.noaa.gov).


We believe it is the duty of all civilized beings to find appropriate methods for constructively resolving conflict.

The art of aikido is one such method, and we are therefore committed to the transmission of its practice and principles.

Our purpose is to offer educational programs, infrastructure for research and development, and to extend the role of aikido in general society.

We promote the idea that the sovereignty of each individual is the basis for healthy community.


  • To promote the idea that human well-being is more enhanced by cooperation and strategic alliance than by competition and conflict
  • To train capable instructors and professionals in the field of aikido
  • To enable our students to become exemplary practitioners and qualified emissaries of aiki principles
  • To participate in outreach activities
  • To establish networks with other groups and agencies who share similar goals
  • To create a "think tank" environment for exploring improved methods of interaction between individuals and groups
  • To deploy consultants to assist in business, security, health and mental health, educational, and legislative professions.

We are therefore engaged in the ongoing effort to integrate,

Mind and Body
Feeling, Thought, and Action
Individual and Society
Humanity with Ecology.


Still Point was founded in late 1991 by Sensei Ross Robertson in order to promote Seidokan aikido to a broader community within the Austin area and to pursue aikido as a full time occupation. Sensei Robertson began his training in Dallas with Sensei Bill Sosa in 1979. After moving to Austin to attend the University of Texas where he graduated with a degree in Cultural Anthropology, he continued his practice with the University of Texas Aikido Club. Ross began teaching Aikido in 1981. In 1991, he founded the Still Point Aikido Center. Under the guidance of Sensei Bill Lee and later Sensei Stephen McAdam, he was awarded the degree of Yondan by Seidokan Kancho Roderick T. Kobayashi early in 1993. In October of 1997, he was promoted to his current rank of Godan, by the present Seidokan Aikido Kancho, Stewart Chan.

Among the various streams of tradition, we at the Still Point Aikido Center follow the teachings of O'Sensei which indicate that the origin of aikido is in the center of each individual, as well as in the movements of the dynamic world in which we live. We therefore pursue a study of realistic defensive arts which embody principles that may be directly applied to everyday living.

Sensei Robertson and serveral of his students have written a number of articles on Aikido, and Aikido related topics. Click here for a list of the articles we have available online.

We maintain a close working relationship with the University of Texas Aikido club. All aikido affiliations are honored at Still Point and we encourage anyone with a sincere interest in the art to come train with us. We offer both adult and children's classes at the Still Point dojo, and sponsor community outreach programs in association with Austin Parks and Recreation Department. If you would like to signup, or have questions about our program, you can email us at info@stillpointaikido.com, call us at (512) 703-8942, or write us at:

Still Point Aikido Center
1506 Brushy View Cv.
Austin, Tx 78754


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