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Our Instructors

Ross RobertsonGodan, Founder of Still Point Aikido
Frank BieserSandan, Chief Instructor, Still Point Aikido HRC
Catherine ParsoneaultShodan, Instructor, Still Point Aikido HRC
Dan ThomasSandan, Instructor, Still Point Aikido HRC

Class Schedule

Location: Hancock Recreation Center (HRC)
Monday6:00-7:00pmFamily Class
Monday7:05-8:30pmGeneral Practice
Wednesday6:30-8:00pmGeneral Practice
Friday6:00-7:25pmGeneral Practice

Class Registration

Most of our classes are held at the Hancock Recreation Center, located at 811 E. 41st Street in Austin, Texas.

To sign up for a class, just follow the steps outlined below:

Print a copy of the course registration form and the waiver form.
Fill out the registration and waiver forms and bring them, with your check made out to Still Point, to the first class you attend.

There are many ways to participate, and many levels in which to get involved:


You can partake of the learning experiences offered at Still Point by reviewing our course offerings below and signing up for only those courses that interest you. Dabble, taste and see... experiment. Stay for a little while, or stay as long as you like. Come and go as you please, with no further obligation or expectation.


If belonging to a community of like-minded people is more appealing to you, then we invite you to join our dojo family. With Still Point Membership, you pay one monthly fee and may take as much course work as you like. As a Member, there are more opportunities for networking and playing a part in making this the kind of dojo you most want to belong to. In fact, those who choose to accept training in teaching and administration can claim discounts on their membership fees. Instructors and Course Coordinators are encouraged to generate income for themselves from an early stage. We also offer a strong Recruitment Incentive for those who help our dojo grow.

In addition, Membership is the way to go if you plan to follow a rank or other credential course of study. Still Point has formulated a number of Accreditation Tracks, and continues to refine our programs.


Participants (non-members) pay for each individual Course they wish to register for. Please consult our Course Catalogue for specific schedule and fee information.

Still Point Membership $80/mth (Payable monthly)
Still Point Adult Participant $40/mth (Payable monthly)
Still Point Child Participant (12 or younger) $35/mth (Payable monthly)
Administrative Discount1 -$30/mth  
Group Sponsor2 -$80/mth  
Visitor's Discount3 50 % off enrollment in Still Point Courses

  1. Administrators will be given additional training in dojo oversight, and will be expected to contribute regularly to upkeep and furtherance. Extension of the discount is at the Chief Instructor's discretion and may be withdrawn at any time. Only Still Point Members are eligible.
  2. A Group Sponsor is someone who has recruited at least two new members into the dojo. Under these terms, the Sponsor may train with us essentially for free as long as the Recruits remain active with us. Only Still Point Members are eligible. Click here for more details.
  3. Members of other dojo are invited to take course work through Still Point at the reduced rate, provided they have the permission of their chief instructor and are active members in good standing in their respective dojo.


If your group would be interested in having Sensei Ross Robertson or one of his instructors lead a seminar at your dojo, school, or place of business, we would be delighted to discuss the arrangements with you. Sensei Ross Robertson's fee is $200.00/day plus expenses. Fee for other Still Point instructors is $150.00/day plus expenses.

Additional Funding Sources

In addition to revenue generated from Participants and Membership, Still Point recognizes that an arts and educational institute must seek supplemental funding. The following are some examples of possible contribution levels and accompanying incentives. Please contact us if you'd like to make a donation, any amount will be welcomed. Contributions are NOT tax-deductible.

Sustaining Membership Level: Annual donation of $500 or more will receive signed reproduction of original art.
Patron Level: Annual donation of $1000 or more will receive original work of art.
Sponsor Level: $100 Donation for banner ad on our web site sponsor page.
Dojo Membership: Franchise dojo under the direction of Still Point Shidoin.

Accreditation Tracks

  • Student Track
    Any Still Point Member may choose to focus entirely on learning about aiki related topics, and leave the concerns of dojo operations and instruction to others. Even so, as one progresses in rank, certain requirements of service must be passed.

  • Administrators' Track
    Any Member who actively supports and promotes dojo operations and who wishes to commit ongoing effort may elect to follow the Administrator's Track. Progressive certificates of Recognition of Service will be awarded at specific intervals. Administrators will collectively be expected to oversee all aspects of dojo marketing and promotion, records keeping, and to serve in an advisory capacity. Approval of the head of dojo is required.

  • Instructors' Track
    Instructor training is part of the Still Point ranking process. Certificates may be awarded for those who wish to teach outside the dojo, and seek to establish a record of credential.

  • Career Track
    This avenue combines the Instructors' and Administrators' Tracks, and is typically for the more advanced student who is ready to undertake a commitment to help spread the art, possibly in a professional capacity. Career Members will be encouraged to create programs which generate revenue for themselves and for the organization.

Recruitment Incentive, Group Sponsorship

This program is designed to reward those who are active in bringing in new Members, subject to the following guidelines:

  • Regular monthly dues will be waived for those who bring in two or more new Members.
  • The recruiter (group sponsor) claims the benefit by submitting a Course Registration Form each month, checking both Membership and the Group Sponsor option, and filling in the names of the individuals being sponsored.
  • A recruiter will be responsible for their own dues in full in any month that a recruit drops out or takes a leave of absence.
  • A recruit may not be claimed by more than one person.
  • Duration of benefit shall not exceed 11 months in any given year, or the value of training received shall not exceed $550.00 in any given year.
  • No individual will be allowed to be both a recruiter and be claimed as a recruit at the same time.
  • Current members of Still Point are excluded from being recruited.
  • Former members of Still Point may not be claimed as a recruit for a period of one year after their quit date.
  • Recruits are not themselves eligible for Membership Discounts.
  • The offer may be retracted at any time, with no guarantee that a full 11 months be given to any individual.

This offer may not be available at all locations. Please see your chief instructor for details or clarifications.

Phone: (512) 703-8942   Email: info@stillpointaikido.com
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